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Our pricing for 300 high quality, beautiful, custom lapel pins in a one inch size, with 4 color hard enamel lapel pin and a  military style clutch is priced at $2.20ea, total delivered, including the artwork, the die fee and the postage to your US USPS address.

We offer many different types of pins including;

  • Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel, our value leader
  • Die Struck Iron High Polish
  • Die Struck High Grade Brass Soft Enamel
  • Etched Soft Enamel with Epoxy Top
  • Offset Printed/Screen Printed with or without Epoxy Top
  • Cast Pewter
  • Rhinestone
  • Costume Jewelry

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Custom Masonic Fraternity Lapel pins created for you over the last twenty years include pins for the Masons, Shrine and Eastern Star. We provide the free art and free revisions plus the know how, you provide the desire to give a high quality, reasonably priced lapel pin that will be a “WOW, where did you get that?” experience for your friends and family. And your experience with us will be a pleasure, too.

I received the package of lapel pins yesterday. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the outstanding customer service! The quality of the pins were top notch, well exceeding my expectations. The whole ordering process was very easy, prices were very reasonable and overall, a pleasant buying experience. I would highly recommend your business to all of my friends, relatives, and fraternal family!

Some of our most popular styles are just below.

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Once we receive your inquiry we will reply with request for more information about your project, when you need the pins and if you have an image you would like us to use. We also will be happy to offer comparison pricing.

Masonic_white_background_rope_edge_lapel_pin Style 1  Masonic, white background, rope edge
Masonic_Square_and_Compasses_lapel_pin Style 2 Masonic Square & Compasses w/ text below
Masonic_starburst_white_background_lapel_pin Style 3 Masonic Starburst , white background with or without date in white area
Masonic_King_Solomons_Temple_lapel_pin Style 4 Masonic King Solomons Temple with your text in bright gold set in the blue outer ring.