Made In America

Can we supply “Made In America” Lapel Pins?

Absolutely, we work with¬† 14 American lapel pin factories who can provide “Made In America” Soft Enamel lapel pins, Stamped lapel pins, Cloisonne custom lapel pins, and Cast Lapel Pins. Some of these also provide the “Union Bug” on your custom lapel pin design.

Die Struck and Made In America

Antique finishes create contrast by darkening the recessed areas while the raised areas remain lighter. A great option for 3D designs.

Die Struck Pins – Made in USA (a) – Antique Finish
Item No. Size
250 500 1000 2500
LP0900C 3/4″
2.58 2.20 2.08 call
LP0900E 1″
3.10 2.74 2.60 call
LP0900G 1 1/4″
3.50 3.10 3.00 call
Setup (g)
$250 and up / custom shapes & sizes require a trim tool at $375(g) and up
Standard: Choice of satin antique brass, antique nickel, antique copper finish. Military clutch back, individually poly bagged
Extras: Color fills 0.40(a) each.
Delivery: Ships in 2-4 weeks

Contact us today to purchase your custom “Made In America” die struck custom lapel pins.