American Flag with Christian Cross


American Flag With Christian Cross

The Christian Cross is recess and textured to stand out on the American Flag as a beautiful tribute to your faith. This Copyright Design is Enameled  Stamped Brass with Gold Plating.

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Beautiful One Inch American Flag with a recessed textured Christian Cross.

While watching world events, I thought about all the Symbols of America and our Christian Faith. I talked about this void in products available to Christians with my Associates. We searched the internet but could not find a well made example of the American Flag and the Christian Cross together, so we designed, created and copyrighted this beautiful custom lapel pin to offer to you. We also wanted everyone to have an opportunity to receive this pen, so we are offering generous discounts if you will purchase a few more for YOUR Friends.

This copyrighted, all rights reserved custom lapel pin looks beautiful on your suit, camp shirt or even your ball cap. Let everyone know where you stand. Purchase this custom lapel pin for your friends. We offer high quality custom lapel pins and include free shipping and fast service for you. We will also keep your order on file if we have to back order this very popular design.

  • Custom Copyright Design by Hattricks Goodimpression
  • American Flag Christian Cross one inch lapel pin



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