May we tell you about our no minimum custom lapel pin program?

Collaboration starts with a simple quote request by email at or by calling us at (928) 323 4918. We  have been reliably providing custom lapel pins using the highest quality combined with very competitive pricing since 1982 for our customers. We have recreated many new and replacement lapel pins and jewels from vintage gold and silver heirloom pieces. We are willing and able to create one custom jewel for you.

While creating and delivering one pin or jewel is expensive, we offer the best pricing and service for you. We have to let you know there are design fees, mold fees, postage fees and more hard costs to consider whether you want one pin or 100 pins. We will try to explain why the low minimum decision is so expensive (but worth every penny) a little further down this page.

We make ordering Low or no minimum custom lapel pins easy.

We start with your ideas and then provide you a concept layout for free.  We will use our years of experience in helping you select the proper process and options that are best suited for your needs. Next we will use your input to create a one of a kind lapel pin design and provide you with a FREE working proof via email. We will make revisions on your custom pin design once you have reviewed your working proof. After you approve your design and we have completed the payment arrangements we put your order into production, and in reasonably short 30 days your custom lapel pins will be delivered free of charge to your door.

Background on low minimum costs.

Placing an order for custom lapel pins with no minimum order requirement is not easy unless you know the pitfalls and work with an experienced lapel pin maker. We started creating custom masonic lapel pins in 1982.

If you search for a pin supplier in Google, you will find that most of the pin manufacturers [over 98%] have a minimum order quantity.

Most of them required you to order at least 100 pieces, if not more.

However, you may only require 30, 20, or even one piece to cover your event. And then you have to battle the question, “is it a waste to order 100 pins if I only need ** to fill in the blank**?”

So, do you want to know why most pin manufacturers don’t allow buyers to order a small quantity?

1. Why do pin manufacturers require 100-piece orders as the minimum order quantity?

They just can’t avoid the basic costs and are not willing to work with you to explain them.

Basic Cost #1. The Cost of Pin Molds.

Regardless if you order 1 or 1000 customized pins, the pin factory needs to design and manufacture a steel mold or a wax casting mold.

The mold fee can cost anywhere from 50$ ~ 1000$, depending the details of the mold itself.

In essence, manufacturers want to encourage customers to order more pins to cover the cost of the mold.

Unfortunately, the cost of the mold simply can’t be avoided.

Basic Cost #2. Design Fee.

Though some pin suppliers claim that they offer free design services for you, it may not come without the cost for the supplier. They will often be required to hire an graphic designer to ensure that your design is production-ready.

And this does require a good deal of work; everything from finding a suitable Pantone color, to turning the jpg file into an ai file, or even transforming your doodle or drawing into a good graphic for production will cost money.

And again, this simply cannot be avoided.

Basic Cost #3. Shipping & Customs Cost

As most of the pin suppliers import from overseas or invest in factories overseas, this type of infrastructure costs money.

Although, the freight fee for 1 pin or 100 pins is roughly the same. And depending on if the package is shipped by express companies, such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, they often charge freight fees by Kilogram, with the minimum weight being 1/2 kilogram.

So, regardless of your package is just 1 ounce [ 1 pin ] or one pound, [100 pins], manufacturers will always be charged on 1 pound weight.

Your order will also pass thru Customs and an additional fee will be charged

The shipping/custom cost amounts to $30.00 ~ $60.00 on one pin or jewel.

Basic Cost #4. Material & Human Resources

Your supplier must cover all these costs in the quote provided to you.

Hattricks Goodimpression is willing to work with you to create what you want and do it with the best service, highest quality and lowest possible price. Contact us now to get started on your important project.