OES Eastern Star Ink Pen Embossed Symbols

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Order of the Eastern Star Ink Pen with Free Lapel Pin

  • High Quality, Brand New Blue Ballpoint Pen Set with Gift Box, which features the Eastern Star on the outside of the gift box
  • Blue Ballpoint pen features the OES emblem in the middle of the pen, Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol with the G at the top of the knife (honoring the Great Architect)
  • Heavy weight, high quality, laser cut ballpoint pen features the Eastern Star Symbols on the pen
  • The perfect gift for a Chapter officer (coming or leaving) this Ballpoint Pen ships brand new in a gift box which features the Eastern Star Logo on the outside of the box
  • This is a very high quality pen, functional and impressive, perfect to give to a Sister or Brother as a gift, for everyday use, or a beautiful display on a desk or above a work bench
  • Discount 6-24 15% 25 + 18%

Additional information

Weight.8 oz

Order of the Eastern Star Pewter Embossed Ink Pen
Not only do you receive one of the most beautiful Eastern Star Embossed Ink Pens ever made, but you also receive a FREE!! OES Forever lapel pin which is valued at $7.95, so your total value for this Ink pen and Lapel Pin is over $30.00.
This ink pen takes Parker refills.
This ink pen balances beautifully in your hand. The construction is very high quality heavy embossed metal. Beware of cheap imitations that are plastic and light weight knockoffs! Don't fall for the low price offers. 
You will receive a very high quality ink pen from Hattricks Goodimpression.


oes eastern star ink pens


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