MagnaPin (As seen on QVC)

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MagnaPin allow you to wear a heavy brooch without adding holes. Wear your favorite pin or brooch without ruining the delicate fabric of your blouses or snagging your sweaters with a Magnapin. The MagnaPin jewelry fastener works via two 13mm round magnets--one with a raised triangular bar in the center. Simply slide the pin shaft through the raised portion, place the pin in the desired position, and attach the second magnet on the other side of your fabric.

  • For heavier pins, two Magnapins may be required
  • To detach, slide apart; do not pull apart
  • Measures approximately 1/2" Diam
  • One MagnaPin per Box
  • Made in USA
  • Purchase 10 or more to receive 5% discount

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Weight.4 oz

What is MagnaPin?

MagnaPin is a high-quality, reusable magnetic accessory used as an alternative way to attach any item with a pin shaft (such as pins, brooches, name tags and pin/pendants) to fine garments. Use MagnaPin on fabrics you wouldn’t dare pierce with a pin, such as satin, leather, suede, linen, silk and even fur.


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