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Are You a Turtle Emblem Lapel Pin

Are you a Turtle?

Are you a Turtle?

  • Turtle pin one Inch wide lapel pin
  • Custom Copyright Design by Hattricks Goodimpression
  • Turtle Design lapel pin
  • Butterfly clutch attachment for this 1 inch lapel pin

To gain admission, one must correctly answer a number (usually three or four) from a list of questions, each of which suggests a vulgar, lewd, or salacious answer, but the actual correct answer is rather innocuous. It is assumed that all prospective Turtles own a diabetic donkey, or one of a sweet and kindly disposition; therefore once inducted, a member must reply to the question "Are you a Turtle?" with "You bet your sweet ass I am." If the member is unable or unwilling (perhaps because of a social restriction on vulgarity) to provide the correct answer, he or she owes to each other turtle present a drink of the recipient's choice. A large part of the tradition of the order involves the qualifying questions that prospective members have to answer. These fun questions are actually small riddles: each suggests a vulgar or lewd answer, but the candidate has to provide a completely innocuous answer.

A popular example would be the question:

What does a woman do sitting down, that a dog does on three legs, and a man does standing up?

The obvious answer to this question would be "pee" or "urinate", but the correct answer is "shake hands" (as western etiquette demands that a man needs to rise from his seat to shake hands, while a woman needs not).

  • What does a cow have four of and a woman only two?
  • What is a four letter word ending in K that means to have intercourse?
  • What is it on a man that is round and hard, and sticks so far out of his pajamas that you can hang a hat on it?

A candidate must answer four from a list of twenty-five of such questions. While there is a traditional set of questions, some modern clubs also make up new initiation questions along the same lines.

The Are You A Turtle copyright design stamped enamel pin symbolizes the question you may be asked. Do you know the answer? This stamped lapel pin Turtle Emblem and 24K plating and butterfly clutch is a very high quality pin that your friends will appreciate.

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